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15-Apr-2016 22:25

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Some of y’all were emailing me business inquiries and a lot of y’all sent me emails about personal issues you were facing at the time – PLEASE DON’T THINK I WAS IGNORING YOU.

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She then jumped up screaming at his ass, asking him what the F*^K his problem is, and he stood there shocked that he actually threw the water on her, and even more horrified as she started to wrap her weave up in ANOTHER one of his shirts.Below, is a more detailed history of the activities of the search team as well as several 'brainstorming' ideas for making 230 S. This is the information that was shared with the focus group. Spiritual Awakening: a building that is supportive of our spiritual journey by inspiring us through beauty, comfort, and harmonious space, inside and out.

The men have conveyed to the wife that she is no longer a 20 something beauty which she is of course not, since she is something, BUT age does NOT = no beauty .… continue reading »

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